About Relok

What is Relok
Relok is a Software application for procurement and resource management in the construction industry. The platform links the products and services of recycling and disposal companies, gravel and asphalt plants, and other bulk material suppliers. Relok combines the search queries with the suppliers' product data and filters out exactly those that are optimally matched to the searcher's requirements. Suppliers and searchers can thus network and collaborate in real time. Construction companies in their role as operators of construction sites or tipping points can also offer and supply products. Furthermore, Relok supports the management of material resources within companies. Together, Relok can be used in estimating, purchasing, sales and on the construction site.

Who we are
We aim to simplify complex procurement processes using state-of-the-art technology and establish new best practice solutions. Relok is institutionally independent and for us reliability, a high quality of work and fairness are defining characteristics.

We want to support you in your daily tasks and simplify your everyday life.

We want to drive innovation in the local construction industry to increase competitiveness.


We want to develop digital products for large, medium and small construction companies.

Reducing the construction industry’s carbon footprint by minimizing CO2 emissions.

Lukas Hamelmann is the founder and managing director of Relok. Before Relok, he worked for different companies along the value chain of the construction and real estate industry. Lukas studied civil engineering at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences and at the Technical University of Berlin.

Lukas Hamelmann M.Sc.

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