Material Flow Management

Putting material wants and needs together by connecting construction sites, tipping points and material resources.

14-Day fully functioning account

Relok Network

Access the Relok network to quickly find qualified suppliers.

Resource filter

Selectively filter out internal and external tipping points.

3-in-1 Comparism

Compare internal resources, partner companies and external suppliers.

Soil stock

Acceptance and delivery of soils and other materials.

"Three in One" Comparism

With Relok, you can consider the full range of options for sourcing materials. Whether it's relying on internal resources through your own construction or tipping points, or sourcing products through contractors or through partners in the Relok network. Relok gives you full transparency and helps to reduce the construction industry’s carbon footprint by minimizing CO2 emissions.


With Relok, you know exactly where which products and services are available.


By enabling to transact at shorter distances, CO2 emissions can be reduced.


With Relok you can directly compare the driving distances of each option.


With Relok, you always have the right contact person at hand.

Internal Resource Management

Make internal material wants and needs transparent and visible to all involved parties. By connecting your own construction and tipping points, material resources are used more efficient.


Share requests and needs for materials with colleagues.


You will be regularly informed about new requests and needs.


Contact details directly at hand.

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