Bid Management

Relok helps to reduce turnaround time for creating bid packages, finding suitable suppliers, and converting bids to contracts.

14-Day fully functioning account

Market transparency

Access Relok's network to find suitable suppliers in a new location or unfamiliar trade.

Projects overview

Track and keep up-to-date with the status of your tender packages.

Simplified contracting

Use Relok's preconfigured templates to transform bids into contracts.

Save time & ressources

Save time and make better decisions with the Relok procurement process.

Finding suppliers

Compare all available procurement options by picking suppliers from your own database or the Relok network, or using internal resources.


When you look for suppliers in a new location or unfamiliar trade, the Relok Network helps you to find the right supplier.


Powerful search functionalities put you in control to filter the right project partners for your special needs.


Access relevant supplier's data of past projects.

Comparing bids

With Relok your invited bid partners enter prices electronically which enables to compare and analyse tenders in realtime.


All incoming bids are transmitted electronically via the interface – no prices have to be pulled out of of PDFs or paper based documents.


Compare bids side by side and share them via link, even with colleagues who don't have a Relok account.


Keep informed about all bid status within all your projects. Quickly identify tender packages, which need your support.

Collaboration and contracting

Centralize collaboration between purchasing, estimating, and relevant suppliers. Work together in the same system and exchange documents and plans directly.


Communication with your bid partners becomes easy. Messages can be exchanged in real time and documents are transmitted with no limitations.


With Relok contracts can be generated quickly – also ensuring legal compliance. Both sides – bid partner and you – can automise there workflows by generating bids and contracts with a few clicks.

*Marked integrations are available on demand in our Enterprise version.

Frequently asked questions

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